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Georgia's story - defence

Georgia works as a Quality Assurance/Security Officer for Axiom Precision Manufacturing. After completing a Mechanical Fitting and Turning Apprenticeship, she's realised huge opportunities, working on some of the biggest defence projects in Australia's history.

Georgia works as a Quality Assurance and Defence Security Officer, at Axiom Precision Manufacturing, a business that designs and provides precision manufacturing services for the defence, aerospace, space and medical device industries.

In her role, Georgia is responsible for day-to-day quality assurance and security measures in Axiom’s advanced manufacturing plant. The plant produces precision machined components, tooling and injection-moulded components to exact standards.

“I think the defence industry is very unique – it’s so diverse and so interesting and if there’s anything that you think you want to do, you can probably do it.”

Georgia, Quality Assurance and Defence Security Officer, Axiom Precision Manufacturing

How Georgia got there

Georgia loves working on some of the biggest defence projects in Australian history, including the F35 Fighter Jet program, one of numerous exciting career opportunities, presented early-on in her career.

Georgia started her skilled career while in high school, completing vocational education and training in fabrication before starting a four-year mechanical fitting and turning apprenticeship, where she was paid to complete her qualification, as part of on-site training.

She started working for Axiom Precision Manufacturing in her third year of the apprenticeship, learning the fundamentals of defence industry manufacturing.

Following that, she transitioned into a role as Company Security Officer and now, in her current role, is also responsible for quality assurance.

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