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Haylee's story - cyber

Haylee is an Account Executive in the cyber industry, working for OpSys Australia. Haylee worked at a Telstra store for ten years before pursuing a career change in cybersecurity, transferring her telecommunications knowledge to a growing industry.

Haylee works as an Account Executive for Opsys Australia, a cybersecurity product and service provider, with an Adelaide office as well as interstate and international offices.

As an Account Executive, Haylee helps clients with everything from attempts to hack personal email addresses to large-scale data breaches impacting huge companies experiencing ransomware attacks. As an Account Executive, Haylee interacts directly with clients to understand the problem and then relays information from Opsys’ cyber analysis.

“There are so many jobs opening in cyber, if you have a look at LinkedIn or anything like that you can come across them so easily. Take a leap and do it, it’s so rewarding.”
Haylee, Account Executive at Opsys

Haylee initially started her career working in a telecommunications branch for 10-years, before seeking a change into cybersecurity. She says the cyber and telecommunications industries are similar so if you have skills in one, you can transfer to the other.

She hadn’t completed any university study before beginning her current role but is now completing certifications on-the-job and recently enrolled in cyber courses through Charles Darwin University.

Haylee loves knowing that her work is helping keep businesses and homes secure and protected from unwelcome cyber attacks or invasions of privacy.

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