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Joel's Story - Space

Joel works as an Associate for Cowell Clarke, a commercial law firm, and is working towards PhD in Space Law. He advises clients across a range of industries - including space.

Joel is in the process of completing a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Space Law, at the Adelaide Law School, University of Adelaide.

Currently he works as part of Cowell Clarke’s commercial team, specialising in regulatory compliance under the Competition and Consumer Act, Privacy Act and the Australian Consumer Law.

His work also involves providing advice to businesses in the space, defence, retail, construction, services and medical industries.

“One of the biggest myths in my mind is that space is just an American thing. We don’t really think about it now that you can get a career in space, here in Australia. There’s the opportunities here in Adelaide.”
Joel, Associate Lawyer at Cowell Clarke, commercial law firm

What Joel loves about his job, and how he got there

Joel is excited that as the space industry develops, we’re seeing even more different uses for what we can learn in space – using satellites and new technologies that our phones connect to every moment of the day!

As our local space industry becomes global, he’s excited to see the opportunities that weren’t here 10-15 years ago, coming-up in Adelaide and that’s why he’s decided to stay here.

Joel started his career supporting academics on research projects, particularly on the Woomera Manual on the International Law of Military Space Operations.

He has a Bachelor of Laws (Honours) and Bachelor of Sciences (Biochemistry and Genetics), which he completed in 2018. After that, he completed a Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice, all from the University of Adelaide. He is also in the process of completing a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Space Law, at the Adelaide Law School, University of Adelaide.

Joel worked as a Law Clerk for about 18-months before commencing his role as an Associate Lawyer with Cowell and Clarke.

He’s also been a lecturer and tutor to a local and national university, teaching corporate law, commercial transactions, international law and commercial space law and was a Founding Director (and the current Director and Company Secretary) of the Space Law Council of Australia and New Zealand).

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