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Discover how you can work in South Australia's cutting-edge cyber industry.

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What does a career in Cyber look like?

Cyber – also known as cybersecurity – is an ever-changing industry, where there’s exciting employment opportunities across a huge range of industries! The cyber workforce helps protect organisations – business, government and not-for-profit – from cyber threats, including ransomware and hacking.

They help limit Australia’s national security risk from sophisticated cyber threats, protect online sales, financial transfers, fundraising and valuable online data and systems.

South Australia is already growing a strong cyber industry, as home to 25 cyber specialist companies, including large firms, supporting some of the nation’s largest defence contracts.

It is also home to the $10 million Australian Cyber Collaboration Centre at Lot Fourteen, in Adelaide’s CBD, where businesses and entrepreneurs alike go to test new products and services.

To meet growing demand for cybersecurity products and services it’s forecast that Australia will require about 17,000 more cybersecurity workers by 2026, including cyber security analysts, engineers and penetration testers.

3,000 jobs over next 4 years

$75,000 average starting salary

25 cyber specialist companies (and growing!)

Haylee's story

Watch Haylee’s story. She is an Account Executive in the cyber industry, working for Opsys Australia. Haylee worked at a Telstra store for ten years before pursuing a career change in cybersecurity, transferring her telecommunications knowledge to a growing industry.

Examples of jobs in cyber

Cyber is dynamic, diverse and specialised. Here are just a few examples of different jobs requiring a range of skill sets. The salary range against each position is based on data about positions advertised across Australia, provided by Seek, unless otherwise indicated.


Your search starts right here! You can explore current opportunities available in South Australia's cyber industry, thanks to Seek. Or, scroll down further to see a list of employers within the industry as some of them have separate jobs boards on their websites. We're also compiling an Employer Directory!
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Employers in the cyber industry

There's exciting employment opportunities across a number of specialised cyber businesses in South Australia. Check out a few of them here or visit the AUCyberscape national index of Australian cyber businesses and narrow the search field to South Australia. You can also visit the Employer Directory to see more employers in other industries too.

The information on this page is accurate at the time of original publish (September 2021). Job projections within the sectors are based on economic data and reporting over multiple years and is subject to fluctuation and change. Jobs featured on this site are a current list of advertised opportunities within the sectors featured and jobs available on external employers’ web links. Users are encouraged to independently check and research career opportunities as more job opportunities become available within the sector.

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VET, Apprenticeships and Traineeships

Look at VET pathways including courses, apprenticeships and traineeships.

Tertiary pathways

Learn about study pathways at South Australian universities.


Learn more about IT industry authorities, such as ISACA, who validate and certify skills developed in cybersecurity, following on-the-job training.


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