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Discover a job in South Australia's rapidly evolving energy industry!

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What does a career in Energy look like?

South Australia is a global leader in the transition towards clean energy. In 15 years, the State’s electricity mix has gone from less than 1 percent renewables to 57 percent renewable energy.

The industry employs those working on an ever-growing list of projects transforming the State’s energy use to net 100% renewable generation by 2030.

South Australia is home to the world's first big battery– the Hornsdale Power Reserve, the largest per capita roll-out of home battery systems, 22 wind farms, three utility scale solar farms and an emerging hydrogen sector.

Right now, there is $20 billion of investment in the development pipeline, including 25 solar farms, 12 wind farms, 7 hybrid projects (combining wind and solar) and 10 battery storage projects. Together, these projects would generate another 15 gigawatts of electricity, which would produce enough power to supply a city of nearly 4 million.

By 2050, South Australia could be generating more than 500 percent of the State’s energy needs – becoming a renewable energy powerhouse and exporter!

There is forecast demand for people with skills in engineering to trades, and project management, to health and safety. Many other specialist roles will also relate to equipment, technology and services to energy projects and infrastructure.

4,000 jobs in renewable energy

100% net renewable energy by 2030

$20 billion investment in the development pipeline

Tom's story

Watch Tom's story. He is a Project Manager, with Neoen. After completing an engineering qualification, he began a career in the energy industry, and is now working to expand the renewable energy industry. His current role brings together his technical knowledge and passion for a sustainable energy future.

What are the types of jobs?

The salary range against each position is based on data, provided by Seek, about positions advertised across South Australia, unless otherwise indicated.


Your search starts right here! You can explore current opportunities available in South Australia's energy industry, thanks to Seek. Or, scroll down further to see a list of employers within the industry as some of them have separate jobs boards on their websites. We're also compiling an Employer Directory!
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Employers in the energy industry

There's exciting employment opportunities across a number of energy companies in South Australia. Check out a few of them here and visit the Employer directory to see more employers in other industries too.

The information on this page is accurate at the time of original publish (September 2021). Job projections within the sectors are based on economic data and reporting over multiple years and is subject to fluctuation and change. Jobs featured on this site are a current list of advertised opportunities within the sectors featured and jobs available on external employers’ web links. Users are encouraged to independently check and research career opportunities as more job opportunities become available within the sector.

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