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Learn more about South Australia's hi-tech industry and how you could land a job.

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What does a career in high-tech look like?

Adelaide has a well-earned reputation as a national hub for high-tech innovation and the State Government is committed to driving the city’s global reputation to new heights, investing $24 million in the sector.

Put simply, high-tech involves using leading-edge technologies – in the fields of computing and electronics – to push the boundaries of possibility. The high-tech industry has the power to improve access to products and services and increase efficiency – boosting health, safety and economic outcomes.

Locally, the high-tech industry has driven change in medical and security imaging, enabled farmers to more efficiently monitor crop watering systems through new satellite technology and developed world-first 3D hologram technology with potential commercial applications spanning gaming, education, engineering, medical imaging, and so much more! A career in high-tech is boundless, with research indicating that 2 out of 5 Australian jobs are vulnerable to digital disruption.

The high-tech industry is reliant on a workforce with STEM and ICT skills, as well as knowledge of advanced computer science and software engineering. Many future jobs are expected to require knowledge of emerging technologies such as machine learning and artificial intelligence.

3,500 jobs

$86,200 average annual salary

7 global tech businesses

1st Cisco Lighthouse City

Gavin's story

Watch Gavin's story. He is a Co-Founder of VOXON Photonics, and also the business' Chief Technology Officer. Gavin moved to Australia from Scotland in 2006 and jointly established the highly successful business, drawing on his Honours and Masters qualifications in information technology.

Examples of jobs in Hi-Tech

A career in high-tech is boundless – meaning it can apply to countless industries including health, finance, manufacturing, agriculture, defence, space, energy or many more. Here’s just a few examples of different jobs. The salary range against each position is based on data, provided by Seek, about positions advertised across South Australia, unless otherwise indicated.


Your search starts right here! You can explore current opportunities available in South Australia's hi-tech industry, thanks to Seek. Or, scroll down further to see a list of employers within the industry as some of them have separate jobs boards on their websites. We're also compiling an Employer Directory!
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Employers in the hi-tech industry

There's exciting employment opportunities across a number of hi-tech companies in South Australia. Check out a few of them here and visit the Employer directory to see more employers in other industries too.

The information on this page is accurate at the time of original publish (September 2021). Job projections within the sectors are based on economic data and reporting over multiple years and is subject to fluctuation and change. Jobs featured on this site are a current list of advertised opportunities within the sectors featured and jobs available on external employers’ web links. Users are encouraged to independently check and research career opportunities as more job opportunities become available within the sector.

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