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What is a Skilled career?

A skilled career is an asset for life!

South Australia has so many job and skilled career opportunities available! Some in industries that have been around for a long time – like health, aged care and construction and others in exciting future industries.

Training for a qualification is about more than getting a job – the skills you gain can help to start, shape or grow your career.

Once you’ve got them, skills and qualifications are your assets for life, setting a foundation for lifelong learning, and supporting a career that’s right for you.

You have training choices

There are training and education options to support learning throughout your career which include practical learning, on-the-job experience and traditional study.

Skilled careers start and develop through Vocational Education and Training or VET, Apprenticeships, Traineeships, and low-fee short courses. You can study while at school or while you’re working.

You can get financial support and subsidised training

Through the South Australian Government you can gain access to financial and learning support to help cover the cost of training so you can start, maintain and finish your study.

Find further information about the support available and check what you are eligible to receive.

Our industries need skilled people

South Australia needs skilled people to support our economy. Skilled careers are found in all industries, they include many different types of occupations which match varying interests – not just future industries!

So if you don’t’ think defence, cyber, high-tech, energy or space is your thing, there are many other skilled careers where there will be jobs for people in South Australia in the future.

For example, an estimated 6,000 new full-time jobs will be needed over the next few years in health and disability, with the rollout of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) significantly increasing demand for qualified carers.

Explore your career options now on our Skilled Careers site, and take note of the projected job openings. This will tell you whether the career you’re interested in, is going to grow over the next five years.